Monday, May 30, 2011

Into the Water, Shade and Flower Garden.....

{the briny deep} SOLD
{$12.80; includes shipping}

Created from a vintage skeleton key, this glass beaded necklace measures 18 inches long and the key is 2.75 inches long in the colors of the deep, deep sea.  A starfish charm dangles from the top of the key.  The necklaces sports 2 hand-stamped bamboo beads and a natural shell.   

{a fish called jake}
{$10.80; shipping included}
     Jake has been created from embossed leather, hand painted and embellished the glass beads in the yummy colors of the deep blue sea.  The glass beaded necklaces measures 16 inches long.

{shady lane} SOLD
{$12.80; free shipping}

This 17 inch long necklace has been created with glass beads, shell beads, metal bead and a vintage skeleton key.  The skeleton key is dripping with 5 rings of glass beads in a variety of green hues.  The key measures 2.75 inches long and the necklaces closes with a silver lobster claw closure.

{pink flower garden} SOLD
{$12.80; shipping included}
This 19 inch glass beaded necklace has a 2.75 inch vintage skeleton key which has been embellished with 3 rings of glass and pearl beads.  A tiny star charm dangles from the top of the key.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Keys To......

{the key to summer}
{$12.80; shipping included}

 This 17 inch long key necklace is dripping with summer charm!  It lays beautifully on the neck and has been created with a real key, glass pearl, glass seed beads, metal star charm and a natural shell.

{Miss Talulu Bloomingdocker}
{$12.80; shipping included}

 Created from a polished brass key, this 18 inch long necklace has a handmade fabric cord with lobster claw closure.  Dangling from the key are glass bead dangles and an original art doll charm and a #3 typewriter key charm.

Thanks for looking and check out previous posts for more jewelry!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ready for Summer Jewelry!

{the writer} SOLD
 He knew he'd write the next great American novel, he just didn't know when.  This one of a kind necklace has been created with an original 2 inch long digital collage sealed under resin.  Dangling below is a melange of 2 iridescent beads and an actual ink pen nib.  The top of the pendant is a filigree metal with a 17 inch long chain of iridescent round and triangular beads.

                                            {vintage Paris} SOLD 

Dangling hand stamped bamboo beads are suspended between quirky vintage Parisian charms in this fun 17 inch long beaded ball necklace.  It would look great with a white T-shirt or on an all black outfit for a more dramatic effect!

                                                             {the inventors} SOLD
They invented so many things but their love machine was their best invention ever!  This very unique pendant is made out of a keyhole cut into leather which has been hand stamped with vintage writing.  The image of the little boys inside is actually a small collage in which resin has been poured into the keyhole.  A little orange glass bead is suspended inside of a metal gear.  The handmade fabric necklace measures 18 inches long and closes with a lobster claw clasp.

{beach dazed} SOLD
Beach-dazed.  That pretty much describes this charming necklace.  Three stands of pale blue and white seed beads dangle along with a natural pure white shell and handstamped metal charm on an 18 inch fabric cord of pale blue and white.

{tide pool charm bracelet} SOLD

This 8.5 inch beachy charm bracelet has been created from 2 strands of handmade fabric cord in the rich colors of the ocean.  There are 12 charms created from bamboo beads, glass beads, copper and shell.

{the gardener}
{$12.80; free shipping}
 If you know somebody who owns at least 5 watering cans then you need to get them this necklace because they are most likely a hard-core gardener!  This pendant measures 1.2 inches wide and 2 inches long.  It is a handmade original collage sealed under clear glossy resin.  A pale pink and clear Swarovski crystals dangle from the top of it.  The double cord necklace measures 19 inches long.

                                             {a gnome named Charlie} SOLD
 Charlie is a woodland Gnome but he is more than willing to come live on your necklace even if you are a city or suburban dweller.  This 17.5 inch long necklace has been created with glass beads of various shapes and sizes.  The three flat charms range in size from 2 inches long to a little over one inch long.

Charlie says "bye for now, but come visit again real soon".  Be sure to check out the previous posts for more jewelry!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Vintage Junque, Beachy Bohemian,Hippy Luv, Lullaby of Birdland

I've added 3 new categories to my jewelry line......"Vintage Junque", "Lullaby of Birdland" and "Hippy Luv" and of course I'll continue to add to the wildly popular "Beachy Bohemian" line of necklaces and bracelets.  Here are a few new offerings from each category.  Enjoy and as always if you're interested in purchasing a piece just give me an email!  You'll notice I've added .80 cents to each necklace, this is the exact cost of delivery confirmation.  I want to make sure that your one of kind piece of jewelry makes it to you!

                                                 From the "Vintage Junque" line......
                                    {$12.80; free shipping}

This original digital collage has been sealed under and thick glossy coat of resin and measures 1.1 inches wide by 2 inches long.   A hand stamped metal charm with the word "FLY" stamped into it and 2 glass bead dangles are suspended below it.  It hangs from an 18 inch light brown suede cord.

                                              From the Beachy Bohemian line...........

                                                                   {july beach} SOLD
                                   {$12.80; shipping included}
 Can you hear the ocean?  The gentle lapping of the waves on the shore?  Well if you're wearing this beachy necklace, you just might! This necklace measures 17 inches long and has been created from one strand handmade fabric cording and one strand of glass beads.  A pure white, 2 inch long Florida Auger seashell embellished by 3 Swarovski crystals hangs from the middle of the necklace.

                                                    From the "Hippy Luv" line........

                                                          {paris hippy chick}
                                   {$12.80; shipping included} SOLD
 Her name was Simone LeBouf and she lived in the heart of the Paris artist community.  Well, that's the story I made up when I created her!  She has been created on very hard plastic and lays nicely over a leather painted and distressed heart with leather wings.  The 19 inch necklace as been created from a variety of glass beads.

                                                           {summer of 1969}  SOLD
                                   {$12.80; shipping included}
This 18 inch long glass beaded necklace was inspired by the summer of love.....the summer of 69.  It has a hippy/organic feel with the 2 inch long leather hand painted heart with a vine overlayed with a wooden guitar.  A tiny hand stamped leather leaf embellished by a Swarovski crystal dangles from the bottom of the piece. Groovy Baby!

From the "Lullaby of Birdland"line......inspired by the jazz great Charlie Parker.......

{coppery birdland} SOLD
{$12.80; includes shipping}
 This little birdy has been created from leather, hand painted and embellished with a Swarovski crystal in his beak.  He measures 2.5 inches long from beak to tail tip and one inch long.  The 19 inch long necklace is asymmetrical with copper chain on one side and glass beads on the other side.  Three beads dangle off of the copper chain side.  This necklaces closes in the front with a copper toggle.

                                           {bluebird of smiles}
                                     {$12.80; shipping included} 
 A hand painted leather bird with a Swarovski crystal dangling from his mouth adorns this asymmetrical 19 inch necklace.  Half of the necklace is gun metal colored weaved metal chain while the other side has been created from glass beads of various sizes and shapes.

                                                          {a bird for all seasons}
                                  {$12.50; shipping included}
 This little guy has been composed with such a great combo of colors that you could wear him all year round!  He is made of leather, hand painted  and suspended on a necklace of chain, glass beads and fresh water pearls.  The necklace measures 19 inches long.

                                                       {party at birdie's nest}
                                {$12.80; shipping included}
This 18 inch long necklace has been created with 2 strands: one handmade fabric batik cord and another strand created from tiny glass mat and a few green sparkly seed beads.  The birdie pendant is an original collage in a concave piece of metal and covered with clear jewelers grade resin.

Thanks for looking!  Check out the previous post for more jewelry.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Summer 2011 Jewelry

Well, it is finally here......after a long, hard, intense winter,  summer is here and along with the Honey Girl Studio Summer 2011 line of handcrafted jewelry.  I will be posting new jewelry weekly so stop back often.  Remember, I only make one of a kind!  If you see a piece you like or have questions please email me at:  Please include the name of the piece in your email.  Thanks!

{girls vacation}  SOLD
{$12, free shipping}
 Trixie, Dorothy, Nance, Zelda and Mazie took a "girls" vacation every summer for a week.  In the summer of 1957 they went to sunny Florida to frolic on the beach.  Re-live this vacation with the girls when you wear this unique piece.  The focal pendant has been created from a vintage postcard and backed on thin painted and distressed wood and sealed with resin.  It has been embellished with glass and acrylic flowers and a natural shell.  The necklace has two strands: one from handmade fabric cord and a another from a sand and sea mix of colors of small glass beads.  The necklace measures 18 inches long; 21 inches long with the pendant and closes with a lobster claw closure.

{happy crab}
{$12; free shipping}
This little happy crab has been hand painted in a natural shell.  The heart is hand painted leather in a rich orange and turquoise.  The necklace is composed of one strand of handmade fabric and one strand of glass beads and closes with a lobster claw.  The necklace measures 19 inches long and the heart is 2 inches long.

{sky . sand . water}
{$12; free shipping}
 What could be better than sky, sand and water?  Now that's a recipe of pure bliss!  Wear bliss around your neck with this one of a kind seashore inspired necklace.  It measures 18 inches long with a two inch long hand painted leather heart.  The little seashell has also been hand painted.  The two strand necklace has been created with a fabric sewn cording and a stand of small glass beads.  This baby would look great with a plain white T-shirt!

{vintage sea}  SOLD

There are times when simply adorned is good.....this is one of those times with this vintage sea necklace.  The leather heart has been painted a light blue and then distressed to look like a weathered beach cottage.   A hand stamped "sea" charm, two metal brads and a silver star embellish the heart.  The necklace has been created with the palest of grey seed beads, shell beads, stone, glass and metal.  The necklace measures16 inches long.  The heart is 2 inches long.

{sunday sailing}
{$12; free shipping}
The quiet wind skimming the water making the waves that push you magically across the lake....sailing.
Feel the power of the wind when you sport this leather heart necklace.  Both the shell and the heart have been hand painted and stamped and sealed.  The background of the heart is a beautiful shimmery bronze color (which is not picked up in this photo).  The 2 stand necklace is composed of one handmade fabric stand and one glass bead strand.  It closes with a silver lobster claw clasp.  The necklace measures 19 inches long and the heart is 2 inches long.  

From the OCEAN to the GARDEN...........

{vintage garden} SOLD
Oh the greens of summer!  This 18 inch long vintage garden pendant echos the joys of having a green thumb.  The 2 inch long leather heart has been hand painted and stamped.  I has been embellished with a  cascade of acrylic and glass bead flowers and leaves.  The necklace has been created with glass beads and coconut shell white beads.

{poppy} SOLD
 Surprisingly enough her name was Violet but her friends called her "Poppy"!  This art pendant measures 18 inches long; 21 inches with the pendant.  The flower has been created from hand molded, painted and distressed leather. The green leaf is fabric with glass beads and tiny "friend" definition composite tag.  The necklace has been created with glass and coral beads.

{$12; free shipping}
This pendant measures 20 inches long; 22 inches with the hand painted and stamped leather heart.  The heart had been embellished with a bright pink fabric flower and metal birdie.  The necklace has been created with druk glass beads, pink cat's eye beads, glass seed beads and bamboo beads.

Whew! That was long post! Thanks for looking and stop back later this week for more goodies!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Gnome Necklace

{Gnome Junque on a Chain} SOLD

This Gnome Junque necklace measures 16 inches long on a large metal ball chain.  The charms are as follows:  handstamped "gnome" charm, leather hand painted flowers, fabric leaves, glass and coral beads, Scrabble tile. handmade clay egg.  There are 20 charms.

 The main focal charm measures 1 inch wide by 2 inches long and is an original digital collage.

This is a one of a kind! What a funky, cool necklace to wear with your plain white-T this summer!
If you are interested in purchasing "Gnome Junque" please email me at: