Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mixed Media Jewelry......

This batch of jewelry is truly mixed media inspired, created with everything from shells, to leather, to fabric to metal!

{the coast of maine}
{$12.80; includes shipping} SOLD

Created with 18 inch handmade batik fabric cording, this necklace sports a 2.25 inch long shell which has been eroded away to see the inside.  It has been embellished with glass beads and a metal star.  This baby would look great with a white-T, jeans and a big pair of Wayfarer sunglasses!

{long, tall, sally}
{$12.80; includes shipping}

 This 20.5 inch necklace has been created from handmade fabric cord.  The long seashell measures 3 inches with the silver bale making the overall necklace 23.5 inches long.  Two glass pearls and 3 strands of orange tiny glass seed beads embellish it as well.

{seashore stanley}
{$12.80; shipping included}
 This 17 inch necklace has been created with glass and red coral beads.  The moon is stamped on leather and hand painted with waves.  Stanley is hard plastic and measures 2 inches tall and is a charm I created using elements from Studio Tangie and Tumble Fish Studio.  This necklace is definitely for those with a sense of humor!

{golden summer}  SOLD
{$12.80; includes shipping}
 This 17 inch long necklace has been created with a tiny vintage metal skeleton key, leather handstamped and painted heart, metal Chinese coin and green and mat gold glass beads.   The heart measures 2 inches long.

{the majestic theatre}  SOLD
{$12.80; includes shipping}
The Majestic was a very popular name for a movie theatre back in the day! This necklace measures 17 inches long and sports a 2 inch long hand painted and stamped leather heart layered with shiny black and rhinestone winged key.

{{$12.80} SOLD

The soaring bird has been handcut from leather, painted, stamped and sealed.  The glass beaded necklaces measures 1 inches long, the bird measures 2.5 inches long and 3 inches wide with a black Swarovski crystal dangling from her beak.

{urban angel wing}  SOLD
{$12.80; includes shipping}
 This 18 inch long necklace has been created with metal chain and glass beads.  The leather wing measures 2.25 inches long and each feather has been hand-drawn onto it.  It is embellished with 3 glass bead dangles.

{beach flower} SOLD
{$12.80; shipping included}
This 19 inch long necklaces has been created with glass, shell, bone and metal beads.  The handmade fabric flower is attached to an ivory colored ring of shell.  I'm picturing this with a dark brown tanktop!

{free bird 1969} SOLD
{$12.80; shipping included}

 This necklace measures 18 inches long and is made of glass beads and copper beads.  The bird is handpainted and is 2 inches long and 3 inches wide with a handstamped metal "1969" charm dangling from the tail.

{bee turquoise}
{$12.80; shipping included}
 This 20 inch long necklace has been created with hand sewn fabric cord.  The 1.75 inch wide flower is made of hand painted leather.  The tiny bee is metal.  With an orange top, this baby would pop!

{sunset beach} SOLD
{$12.80; includes shipping}

 A double strand beachy charm bracelet looks good on any wrist!  This one is 8 inches long, made of handmade fabric cord and has 17 charms made of shell, glass beads, metal and bone hanging from it.

Well that's all folks for today!  If you see something you like, shoot me an email.  Remember, I'll be at the Quaker Steak and Lube in Sharon, Pa for Artie Gras this Thursday night (if it doesn't rain).  Stop by and visit!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Good Things in a Tiny Spoon...

{white sands beach}  SOLD
{$12.80; includes shipping}

This 18 inch long necklace has been created with tiny white and gold glass beads.  A tide pool of white shells, a fresh water pearl, glass bead and coconut shell beads are nestled in a jewelers grade resin which gives off a smooth, glass-like reflection.

{blue butterfly} SOLD
{$12.80; includes shipping}

This 18 inch long necklace has been created with glass beads and glass pearls with a toggle clasp in the front.  The demitasse spoon has a handmade collage in the bowl which has been covered with smooth as glass jewelers grade resin (it will never yellow).

{carolina ocean spoon} SOLD
{$12.80; shipping included}
This 18 inch necklace has been created with my own handmade batik fabric cording in yummy shades of greens, blues and browns.  The demitasse spoon has 3 shells and glass beads nestled in glossy jewelers grade resin.

Thanks for looking and check previous posts with more summery jewelry goodies!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Seaflower and Butterfly Necklaces

{seaflower 27}
{$12.80; shipping included}

This 16 inch necklace is the perfect length to wear with a V-neck shirt.  The flower has been created with a lightweight organza like material in light blues and grey.  The asymmetrical necklace is made of distressed metal chain and glass beads of various sizes and grey freshwater pearls.

{giggle butterfly}
{$12.80; shipping included}

This 16.5 inch necklaces has been created with handmade fabric cord and a string of pale pink, dark pink, black and blue seed beads.  The butterfly collage is on a Scrabble tile and coated with resin for durability.  A small Swarovski crystal dangles the necklace as well.

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