Sunday, March 25, 2012

Beachy Bohemian Ankle Bracelets.......

{Beachy Bohemian Ankle Bracelets}
{$10; includes shipping}
All ankle bracelets are made of handmade fabric cording.  Sizes vary so email me for the size of a specific bracelet you are interested in.

Left: Blue leather fish, glass, acrylic and shell beads
Right:  Handmade fabric batik bead, metal shell, glass beads

Left:  Blue ceramic bead, green/white flower glass bead
Middle:  Seashell and shell beads
Right:  Seashell, glass/shell beads and leather embossed charm

Left:  Handstamped tiny domino, shell bead, silver star
Middle:  Acrylic peace sign, black bamboo bead and glass beads
Right:  Shell, ceramic, leather beads and key

Left:  acrylic peace sign, handstamped bamboo "dream" bead, shell and glass beads
Middle:  Leather flower, wood, glass and bamboo beads
Right:  shell, glass and metal starfish beads

Glass goldfish, shell, glass, bamboo and acrylic beads